Come to our Hole-in-One sale in Mesquite, Nevada

Hey, everyone! On the weekend of April 7th and 8th (Friday and Saturday) Sunny Transitions will be hosting a fantastic estate sale in Mesquite, Nevada. This stunning home, which features views of the golf course, is packed with exquisite pieces of furniture, home accents and so much more. We invite you to come take a stroll through this estate sale during the second weekend of April!

This estate sale features a multitude of items from every room, such as:

  • Name-brand electronics — including two flatscreen television sets!
  • Hardwood furniture in more than one room — including a massive bedroom set, and a beautiful dining room table set
  • Lots of women’s clothing — designer labels — in sizes small through medium
  • An assortment of blonde women’s wigs
  • Various porcelain dolls and Native American decor items
  • Books, movies and other media
  • So much more!

We love Mesquite, and can’t wait to see you all on the weekend of April 7th and 8th for this fabulous estate sale! Click here to see more photos and more information about the items we’ll have available to sell.

Come to our ‘Keep on Truckin’ Mesquite, Nevada estate sale!

Come to our ‘Keep on Truckin’ Mesquite, Nevada estate sale!

Sunny Transitions here, for all your Southern Nevada estate sale needs. On the weekend of March 24th and 25th (Friday and Saturday), we will be hosting an estate sale in Mesquite, Nevada! This fantastic sale will feature a wide array of items from every department, including:

  • Beautiful living room furniture, including a huge sectional sofa set and an entertainment unit.
  • Home bar table and stools
  • Assorted end tables and dressers
  • Dinette table and chair sets
  • Beautiful bedroom set, including a king sized bed with a gorgeous frame
  • Assorted kitchen items and home-wares
  • Assorted garage items

This sale is sure to have a little something for everybody. We can’t wait to see you in Mesquite, Nevada on March 24th and 25th!

Please click here to see more photos and information about this fantastic Mesquite, Nevada estate sale!

Downsizing your home: Is it the right time?

Downsizing your home: Is it the right time?

Everyone has different reasons for downsizing their home and belongings, but when do you know if it’s the right time? There are multiple things to consider when making the decision to scale down your living environment — such as whether or not you’ll be saving money, or if you’ll be sacrificing comfort for affordability.

Empty Nests

When adult children move out of the home, this leaves behind unused rooms and sometimes possessions that are stored indefinitely — some of which are kept for the precious memories of the family the house once contained. Nonetheless, older parents may feel overwhelmed with the clutter, as well as the loneliness that comes with becoming “empty-nesters.”

Mayo Clinic cites that “empty nest syndrome” could cause depression in older adults who are adapting to living without their grown children. Medical experts recommend that “empty-nesters” focus on positive goals and projects while learning to cope with this important transition in life. Welcoming positive changes into your life could come in the form of downsizing your home, decluttering it of unnecessary bulk and treating yourself with a new way of living. Downsizing to some smaller digs could also include moving closer to your adult children, which is what many people choose to do!


If you’re newly retired, you may find yourself wanting to count your pennies — even if you’ve secured an impressive retirement fund. Downsizing your home is one way to cut back expenses, so you can focus on enjoying all of your newfound free time. Whether you want to get rid of your house and travel the country in an RV, or you just want to get back to basics, downsizing your home opens the door to many opportunities in your golden years.

Not only can downsizing your home help with your post-retirement finances, it can be a way to give you some extra spending cash. Selling your home, and unnecessary belongings, brings in more money for you to move on to the next stage in your life.

You’re feeling overburdened 

Sometimes a big home stuffed with material possessions can become overwhelming — whether you’re a young and successful professional or a retired person transitioning from one stage of life to the next. Downsizing your home and belongings is definitely an option when you start feeling like everything is becoming just too much.

You need the money

Life has its ups and its downs, and sometimes those downs come in the form of financial hardships. Maybe you’re trying to find a way to pay for post-retirement housing, and your mortgage is just too much, or maybe you’ve been burdened with some other kind of debt. Downsizing your home and possessions could provide you with funds to help out with whatever hardship you are facing.

This option is an ideal for many people, but it’s certainly not a “get rich quick” scenario. Liquidators, estate sale companies and auction houses provide you with valuable services to help streamline the entire experience.

Are you still considering downsizing your home?

Just like there are reasons to downsize your home and belongings, there are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t. It’s up to you to weigh out the pros versus the cons when it comes to making this very important, life-changing decision. Figuring out the next steps to take requires research, patience and a desire to transition from one stage in life to the next. Everybody’s exact needs are different, and the next steps you take can bring you closer to shedding yourself of unnecessary space, bulk and stress.

Come to our ‘Precious Moments’ Mesquite, Nevada estate sale March 17th and 18th!

Come to our ‘Precious Moments’ Mesquite, Nevada estate sale March 17th and 18th!

On the weekend of March 17th and 18th (Friday and Saturday), Sunny Transitions will be hosting an estate sale in a cozy and gorgeous home in Mesquite, Nevada. This ‘Precious Moments’ estate sale will feature a wide array of items, from every department in the home. When you take a stroll through this property, you will find:

  • Several ‘Precious Moments’ figurines — a massive collection spanning over many years. All of these figurines are authentic, and in excellent condition!
  • French Provincial style living room furniture set. This gorgeous set screams “French Quarter!” and it’s in absolutely pristine condition.
  • Multiple bedroom sets, including mattresses!
  • A large selection of kitchen items, including complete dish sets and small appliances.
  • Various works of art by Thomas Kinkade and others. This home even features the famous “I Told You So” print by artist Ed Miracle.
  • Various religious statuary and Catholic rosaries
  • Patio furniture
  • Assorted garage items
  • So much more!

Be sure to follow our listing page for more photos and information about this upcoming sale. We look forward to seeing all of your faces in Mesquite, Nevada on March 17th and 18th! Thanks for choosing Sunny Transitions for all of your Southern Nevada estate sale needs.

Choosing the Best Estate Sale Company

Choosing the Best Estate Sale Company

Choosing the best estate sale company.

What are estate sales?

Estate sales are when you want everything in your property sold by a professional company. The professional will appraise the value of everything in your home and stage the sale on your behalf. It takes all of the stress and time out of the process. You are free to get on with your everyday life. The time that it would take to itemize everything and put it on eBay or Craigslist is immense. The Estate Sale company takes all of that pressure off of you and let you live your life.

Estate sales are traditionally prompted by downsizing, debt, divorce or death. But many Americans look to have an estate sale for many reasons. People moving for work or moving out of the country are other reasons that people need help when looking to sell all of their assets through an estate sale.

What is the difference between Estate Sales and Auctions?

Auctions put the entire burden on you – the seller. You have to check all of the items for their condition. You have to conduct the research into the value of the items. You have to make sure that you store and transport them properly. The online auction sites such as eBay give you an alternative to the physical auction but you will still have to make arrangements for shipping.

Estate sales take all of this hassle out of the selling process as a professional will carry out all of the work for you.

What is the difference between Estate Sales and Consignments stores?

Most consignment stores don’t get a lot of customers because of the higher cost involved in running a consignment store the expenses gets passed down to your items additionally your items may sit there awaiting a buyer for a very long period of time. My guess is that if you are looking at an estate sale then you will be looking to sell your items much more quickly than that and have your home ready to sell.

How to choose the best estate sale company?

You can search for local estate sale companies in your local area. Do your research by checking out their website. This gives you a good idea of how they operate and what they do for their clients. The best idea I have seen in regards to choosing your ideal estate sale agent is to go to some other local estate sales. From there you can see the choice of estate agents and the way in which they conduct their business. Seeing an estate sale agent in action is the ideal way to assess what they do and how well they do it. You are looking for someone who knows the value of the merchandise and is able to price it accurately and fairly all while maintaining control over the process, so that you can have a well managed successful sale.