Your Las Vegas estate sale can be a success, regardless of why you’re having one. If you want to make sure that you get the most money for your sale, while cleaning out as much as possible, there are quite a few tips and ideas to consider.

Hire professionals!

It may not seem like a daunting task at first, but having your own estate sale can be rather stressful. That’s why it’s a great idea to hire a Las Vegas estate sale company to help you handle all the tedious little details. A professional and experienced business will sort and arrange all of the items you are selling, and they will handle the pricing and selling as well. When you hire a company to handle your estate sale in Las Vegas (or anywhere else for that matter), you are making sure that each item is being sold for its legitimate worth. That’s because most estate sale companies are adept at appraising a wide variety of items.

Estate sale companies are also used to handling all of the customers that come to estate sales in Las Vegas. They’re professionals who excel at interacting with all facets of the public, so you don’t have to do it yourself!

Sell the small stuff!

Las Vegas estate sales are excellent places to find furniture in a variety of styles, and varying levels of affordability. However, truly successful sales offer far more than bedroom sets, dinettes and the like. Customers love “smalls,” which are all the other items that can be found in the home. In fact, people who regularly hit the Las Vegas estate sale circuit tend to be collectors of figurines, nice kitchenware and other curios. Others seek out sales in hopes of finding movies, music and other items associated with personal entertainment. Other shoppers love finding tools and garage items, while some shoppers have a good time shopping for perfume (even empty bottles!), cosmetics, toiletries, shoes, handbags and clothing.

The more variety you offer, the more successful your Las Vegas estate sale will be.

If you can use it, you can sell it!

Think twice before throwing away that old notebook with some of the pages used or torn out, and don’t throw away that stained ironing board just yet. In fact, if you’re preparing for a Las Vegas estate sale, don’t throw out anything that can still be used (except for food and medical items, of course)! Estate sale shoppers buy an endless array of items from every sale they attend, including paper goods and items that need a little TLC. Some of these shoppers are delighted to get a deal on used items that need a little cleaning up or sewing — and every single dollar adds up when it comes to hosting a successful estate sale in Las Vegas.

This tip also applies to high-end estate sales, which boast designer furniture pieces and luxurious home accents. Estate sale shoppers are a veritable melting pot of people, and all of them are looking to enjoy the experience of buying a multitude of items.

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